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HVAC Services in High Springs, FL

High Springs, also known unofficially as Orion, was discovered when Hernando De Soto led his expedition through this area around 1539, and in the 17th century, Indian villages and a large Spanish mission flourished near the Ichetucknee and Santa Fe Rivers. Bones of prehistoric mammals and tools of paleo-Indians have been recovered from springs and rivers near High Springs. In the next few years, High Springs boomed as a result of the development of phosphate mining in the area and soon thereafter became an important railroad center. High Springs was soon crowned the “Antique Capital” of North Central Florida. Today, visitors to the High Springs area prize these quaint little shops,  the waters for their recreational value- for scuba diving, swimming, fishing, canoeing, and tubing- as well as their natural beauty. While High Springs is considered quite a distance away from Bertie Heating and Air Conditioning, our air conditioner Maintenance and Service Technicians are extremely familiar with the area. Some of our technicians reside nearby and are contracted to service the air conditioning equipment either on their way into the office or on their way back home. The office and Technicians are extremely flexible in scheduling any air conditioning maintenance or service needs around the customer schedule. High Springs’ residents can depend on Bertie Heating and Air Conditioning for all their air conditioner needs and feel more at ease.

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