APCO In-Duct UV Light


A lot of science goes into a UV light system. Simply put, the activated carbon matrix in the APCO Fresh-aire UV system causes a photocatalytic reaction which transforms odors into harmless water vapor and CO2. Then, it is all released back into the air stream. The APCO Fresh-aire UV system light can kill up to 90% of microbes within the first ten minutes of installation.

Lastly the APCO Fresh-aire UV system is nearly maintenance-free: the carbon cells are self cleaning and the lamp is typically replaced every two years. The APCO Fresh-aire UV is not only a convenient addition to any HVAC system, but the UV light can also lend beneficial health advantages making your home smell fresher than ever!

Indoor Air Quality is important in newly constructed homes because of how tightly sealed they’re constructed for improved energy efficiency. Today, humans spend on average 90% of the day indoors. Ask Bertie Heating & Air Conditioning for more details on how a UV system can benefit your home and indoor health.

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