Keep Your Drain Line Clear

A lot of service calls are requested to handle a water leak or clogged condensate drain line during the summer. Air conditioning contractors will get busy during Florida’s summer of heat and humidity for all types of service calls. Bertie Heating & Air Conditioning wants to service your home comfort system, but there may be some actions you could perform until a service technician arrives at your home. We’re always looking for avenues to serve you better!

Air conditioners are also designed to remove a certain amount of humidity during the condensation process – to collect water vapor from indoor air. This water has to be drained away from the home. A PVC drain pipe is most commonly used for the condensate line, but it can clog over time without proper attention. The culprits to clog this drain can range from algae build-up to frogs; seriously! In some occasions, the entire piping wasn’t properly installed or channeled.

  1. Find and inspect the condensate line in your home or garage. Turn the system off if water is leaking/overflowing from the condensate line or drain pan. The longer the system operates; the more water it will produce during the condensation process.

  2. Check the outside unit to make sure the drain pipe is not obstructed. Normally, the drain pipe exit is located near the outside unit.

  3. If possible, use a wet-dry shop vac to remove any excess water from the drain pan and condensate/drain line. Also, use the wet-vacuum at the drain pipe exit located near the outside unit.

  4. Add a ½ cup of vinegar to the condensate/drain line. Repeat step 3 to remove any excess water if the drain is still not operating properly. Don’t forget to replace the cap of the drain line!

  5. Prevent future clogged drains by adding a ½ cup of vinegar to the condensate/drain line every 30 days.

If these Do-It-Yourself tips can’t fix your drain line, please call a professional for a service request. You can also sign up for our Planned Maintenance Agreement that includes clearing your drain line.

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