Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

What does an energy recovery ventilator do for your home?

An ERV brings fresh outside air into the home while exhausting the stale inside air out of the home. During this process, the outside air is pre-conditioned within the ERV to avoid any loss of energy efficiency.  The cleaner air brought inside will improve the indoor air quality. Why is this important?

The majority of people spend 90% of their day indoors. Most energy efficient homes are tightly sealed preventing fresh air to be circulated inside. Therefore, any pollutants such as odors from cooking, vapors from cleaning chemicals, and other air pollutants remain inside the home. The ERV brings cleaner outdoor air allowing the home to be a healthier, more comfortable environment. Since people spend a great amount of time indoors, they’re not receiving enough fresh air without proper ventilation.

Indoor air pollution ranks 5th on the Environmental Protection Agency’s list of environmental risks to the public health. Did you know children consume 50% more air per pound of their body weight making them more susceptible to air related challenges? The energy recovery ventilator is a whole-house solution for a whole lot of fresh air. Ask a comfort specialist if an ERV is right for your home.

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