Home Performance Inspection

A Home Performance Inspection identifies opportunities to improve the performance of your home based on Bertie Heating & Air Conditioning’s analysis. This report summarizes the findings, prioritizes recommended improvements, and helps you determine the best improvements for your home. See the image above for a complete detail of the inspection.

Priority Findings on Existing Conditions:

1. Air Sealing – air leakage pathways observed
2. Duct Sealing – observe possible duct leakage
3. Insulation – attic, kneewalls, ductwork in unconditioned space
4. Windows & Doors – type and condition of windows and doors
5. Water Heating – system efficiency, temperature setting, check for corrosion
6. Mechanical Equipment System – main cooling and heating system
7. Appliances & Lighting – refrigerator, dishwasher, washer & dryer, high-use lighting
8. Health, Safety & Durability – identify signs of moisture or durability issues, detection systems, and locations with mechanical and passive ventilation

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