Putting You in Control of Next Generation Thermostats

The EPA revoked the Energy Star label on thermostats, because their studies showed thermostats were so difficult to program. Therefore, most homeowners didn’t know how to use the thermostats to save money on their energy bill.

However, over the past 5 years thermostat manufacturers released nine digital thermostats with Wi-Fi connectivity for easy programming of any HVAC system. Now you have the ability to program a thermostat from a computer or app-enabled smartphone.

New thermostats also have touch screen capability with color LCD screens making them easier to read and operate. The latest thermostats are now simple enough for the average homeowner to install in less than an hour; however, they would need help from a professional installer five years ago.

These conveniences are a great improvement for thermostats. In order to maximize your savings on the energy bill, homeowners might have to sacrifice their comfort.

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