Permits & Licensing

Building permits generate routine inspections that help guarantee that the system was installed properly, is running efficiently, meets Home Energy Rating System (HERS) testing requirements, and abide by the State Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

A growing trend in the HVAC industry has exposed licensed contractors who are violating state law by telling consumers that building permits are not required to install HVAC systems. Just as with any and all home repairs, improvements or construction projects, homeowners need to be up to date on state and local requirements.

Penalties for not obtaining an HVAC building permit typically differ from city to city. The permitting process is designed to protect the homeowner from unethical and unlicensed installations or activities. Homeowners are also held responsible for any felony penalties for contracting unlicensed HVAC installers. In some cases failing to obtain the appropriate permits for installation of HVAC systems may result in a homeowner’s insurance policy being cancelled, severe property damage, bodily injury or death if not installed properly.

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