Indoor Air Pollution

A high school installed a diesel-powered cell tower atop its roof, but no one realized the exhaust would be sucked into the school’s ventilation system. Everyone, students and faculty, were inhaling these fumes whenever the cell tower’s generator was activated.

Our well-being depends on good air quality. Air pollution gets worse every year causing about 4 million deaths worldwide. Indoor air pollution primarily contains particulate matter that’s smaller than a red blood cell capable of entering the lungs. Unfortunately, improper ventilation can lead to a sick building syndrome. Polluted indoor air is nearly ignored even though the average American spends 90% of the time inside.

Upgrading your air filtration greater than the standard filter with your home comfort system can improve levels of inflammation and blood vessel function. Removal of particulate matter inside a home can be challenging, but the focus should also allow proper ventilation. A study in Nova Scotia saw a 75% decline with infectious diseases when fans were installed to ventilate and filter the air. Well-ventilated buildings can even lower levels of anxiety!

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