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HVAC Services in Micanopy, FL

The Town of Micanopy lies south of Gainesville and Bertie Heating and Air Conditioning Headquarters. The beautiful southern community was named in honor of Seminole Chief Micanopy. Micanopy is the oldest inland town in Florida and today, excavations and preservation initiatives pay tribute to the Town’s historic past, and the search for artifacts and the location of Fort Defiance. Micanopy’s main street is the Town’s primary tourist destination famous for its antique shops. Micanopy also hosts a large arts festival every autumn featuring many local (and distant) artists. Micanopy is referenced in a variety of pop culture references including the John Anderson song “Seminole Wind” and was also the filming location for Doc Hollywood starring Michael J. Fox. Although smaller in size and often overlooked on the map, Bertie Heating and Air Conditioning does indeed provide services and regular maintaining of air conditioning equipment in the Micanopy area. Hundreds of Micanopy residents enjoy the benefits of scheduling with qualified air conditioning technicians employed at Bertie Heating and Air Conditioning.

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