NEXIA Smart Home Products

Smart home technology is growing in popularity every day. Consumers are finding more efficient products to manage their home and energy consumption with smart devices.

Nexia offers many certified products as a solution for convenience and security. Nexia partnered with companies like Schlage, GE, and Trane to provide remote accessibility to modify the heating and air system, door locks, lights, and blinds from anywhere you can access the internet. There’s also a sensor that can be installed to detect and alert you of any water leaks while also shutting off the valve to prevent further damage to the home. All of these devices can be controlled from one application provided by Nexia on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

As an independent Trane Comfort Specialist™ dealer, we can enroll a compatible heating and cooling system with Nexia Diagnostics as your trusted a/c contractor for no monthly fee or setup cost. Nexia Diagnostics allows us to monitor and receive error alerts so we may better service you and the air conditioning system’s performance.

Utilizing Z-Wave technology and the Nexia bridge, a homeowner can set up to three devices and your heating and air conditioning unit with no monthly service charge. However, if you connect more than three devices (up to 230 separate devices) to the Nexia bridge, then you will need to set up a service plan for a minimal monthly charge. You can find more information on Nexia’s products and services here.

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